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I know you really want to know why this site is here. Why are Julius Keilwerth Trumpets so good?

Keilwerth made, and still makes, great horns. They are world renown for their saxophones - their only current offering. Their saxophones are truly great horns.  When they were making brass instruments that was no exception. The tonal quality and playability of my lowly Student Model Trumpet is great. Now I hear you saying, "Keilwerth Trumpets aren't that good." In my opinion they are. But I will concede that no, JK Brass Instruments are not of the same quality as a Benge or a Bach Stradivarius.

This site is here, as the sites homepage said - because there was NO INFORMATION available anywhere else on these instruments. This site is dedicated to collecting that information and preserving it for the future.


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Last modified: 02/21/04