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Toneking Deluxe
Toneking Toneking Deluxe Super Deluxe JK Brass - New King Specialty



Toneking Deluxe

For auction an old b-trumpet of Keilwerth (Germany) stands the serial number is 16,214. On the acoustic horn Toneking deluxe is engraved. The instrument apparent unfortunately lay to for a long time in the suit-case.
From eBay.de Auction

Trumpet in B with suit-case, unfortunately without mouthpiece. The trumpet has in front above the "air outlet" Ziselierungen, in the midst of whose "J K" and "Toneking De Luxe" stands. The instrument has 3 valves, where on the middle "larva by Keilwerth Germany" and among them 13406 and widerum under it 2 is stamped. Otherwise is the silver plating in the grasp places? measured and the instrument has 2-3 small dents.
From eBay.de Auction


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