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J.K. Trumpet History

Faxed copy of a 1960's vintage JK Catalogue. The catalogue is in German.



Julius Keilwerth

Since 1925, Keilwerth has been producing saxophones in a traditional way. 70 years of experience and expertise have made the company one of the leading saxophone makers world wide. Today and in future, this position is based on constant quality improvements and skilled craftsmanship combined with the most modern production techniques together with the company’s spirit and the commitment of its employees. It is a company making high value saxophones with feeling and passion which are preferred by many world class saxophone players.
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Company Founder
Julius Keilwerth

A continuous change of experience between Keilwerth and top musicians from all over the world has always been beneficial to the quality of the instruments and thus to the musician. Professionals and amateurs do not only value the quality associated with the Keilwerth name. Saxophone players of all types of music and styles also appreciate the reliable customer service provided by the company.

The company Julius Keilwerth, established in 1925 started as a small woodwind shop and progressed within 10 years into one of the best known makers of saxophones worldwide. After World War II, Keilwerth
Photo 2moved to Nauheim, near Frankfurt. Until 1962 the company was managed by the founder Julius Keilwerth and then by his son Josef.
Since 1970 (1980?) Keilwerth has concentrated its efforts on the production of saxophones. Today a complete range, from soprano to bass is being produced. Accordingly Keilwerth is able to offer the right instrument for each musical style.

** Trumpets made by JK from 1955 to 1980.

From the Julius Keilwerth Website   http://www.musicgroup.com/Instruments/Keilwerth/FrameKeilwerth.htm


Here is a copy of the email I received from The Music Group's W. Schreiber & Söhne GmbH on 012904 -



Dear Glenn,

Keilwerth made trumpets from 1955 - 1980. Unfortunately, there are no serial number records.

There were 3 models: Toneking, Toneking Deluxe, Toneking Super Deluxe. Both Deluxe trumpets were professional models. All Keilwerth trumpets were made from brass and had nickel-silver inner slides. They were available in gold lacquer, nickel-plated and black nickel-plated. They were very well renowned, at least in Germany.

I hope this helps. I found an old catalogue with specs of the trumpets but it is in German, we do not have an English translation. But if you like, I can send you copies by fax.

Kind regards,

Ms. Gaby Kerrmann

W. Schreiber & Söhne GmbH
Marketing/ Internet
Industriestr. 17
64569 Nauheim


A copy of the faxed catalogue will be posted shortly.

Her previous message was in German and the translation program I used didn't correctly translate it. -


Sehr geehrter Herr Howell,

Julius Keilwerth stellte von 1955 - 1980 Trompeten her. Leider gibt es keine Seriennummern-Listen. Es wurden 3 verschiedene Modelle hergestellt: Toneking, Toneking Deluxe und Toneking Super Deluxe. Die Deluxe Trompeten waren professionelle Instrumente. Alle Trompeten wurden aus Messing gefertigt und hatten Innenzüge aus Neusilber. Sie waren in den Ausführungen Goldlack, vernickelt und schwarzvernickelt erhältlich.

Wir hoffen, Ihnen mit diesen Informationen weitergeholfen zu haben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gaby Kerrmann

W. Schreiber & Söhne GmbH
Marketing/ Internet
Industriestr. 17
64569 Nauheim



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