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JK Brass Owners Are The Key To Saving The Information!

About the Julius Keilwerth Brass Information Center -

This site was born out of the need to collect information on my late 1970's vintage JK Student model Trumpet. If you do an Internet search looking for J.K. Trumpet information you wont find much.

The J.K. Brass Information Center is designed to collect and pass along information on the wonderfully made and extremely enjoyable line of Brass (trumpets and trombones) made by the Julius Keilwerth company from 1955 to 1980.

Before the information is lost, it needs to be preserved. For that we need you. If you know of or have information or photo's please contact us and pass the information along.

I need your JK Trumpet's / Trombone's Serial Number!

Do you have the date your JK was purchased? If so, please send me the date originally purchased and the model and serial number on the horn. You can email the information to webmaster@policeofficer.com or use the Feedback form.


Send mail to webmaster@policeofficer.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 02/21/04