The Bone Yard

Brian Stewart’s thoughts, musings and positions on the subject of the trombone.


Trombone Topics:


Never picked a bone before?  My thoughts on buying a student trombone.


Outgrowing your first bone?  Some things to consider when buying your next trombone.


          What is an F Attachment and what is it used for?


            What exactly is a Bass Trombone?


            Slide Oil vs. Slide Cream.  What’s the difference?



Miscellaneous Stuff


          Links to some manufacturers web sites and a few instrument dealers.


            Is my child’s Band Director getting kickbacks from the local music store?




Brian Stewart began playing trombone in the 5th grade in 1975 and has been a public school Band instructor since 1988.  Feedback is welcome, as are your questions.  Please write to